Japan Business Directory

List of Companies & Organizations in Japan

Advertising agencies Agricultural companies
Agricultural machinery companies Air conditioning companies
Animal feed companies Animal husbandry companies
Anti-theft companies Apparel & clothing retailers
Architecture firms Arts & crafts companies
Auto parts manufacturers Auto parts sales companies
Automobile repair companies Automobile sales companies
Beauty & barber companies Beverage companies
Brewing companies Buddhist temples
Building maintenance companies Building materials companies
Bus operating companies Car rental companies
Carpentry companies Chemical companies
Churches Civil engineering companies
Cleaning companies Clothing manufacturers
Computer hardware companies Computer networking companies
Computer software companies Concrete manufacturers & suppliers
Confectionery companies Construction companies
Construction equipment companies Cosmetics manufacturer
Cosmetics retailers Cyber security companies
Daily necessities manufacturers Demolition companies
Disaster management companies E-commerce companies
Electric power companies Electrical contracting companies
Electrical manufacturers Electrical products sales companies
Electronic component manufacturers Elementary schools
Emails Event management & planning companies
Fax numbers Fertilizer companies
Finance companies Fishing companies
Fitness companies Floristry companies
Food companies Food distributors
Food machinery manufacturers Forestry companies
Funeral companies Furniture manufacturers
Furniture retailers Game companies
Gas companies Golf management companies
Grocery stores companies Health food manufacturing & sales companies
High schools Hospitals & clinics (Cosmetology)
Hospitals & clinics (Dentistry) Hospitals & clinics (Dermatology)
Hospitals & clinics (ENT) Hospitals & clinics (Internal medicine)
Hospitals & clinics (OB/GYN) Hospitals & clinics (Ophthalmology)
Hospitals & clinics (Orthopedics) Hospitals & clinics (Pediatrics)
Hospitals & clinics (Psychiatry) Hospitals & clinics (Surgery)
Hospitals & clinics Hotel companies
Housing equipment companies Industrial automation & robots manufacturers
Inspection & survey companies Institutes
Insurance agencies Interior construction companies
Interpretation & translation companies Jewelry companies
Jewelry retailing companies Joinery companies
Junior high schools Landscaping companies
Leather products companies Liquor sales companies
Lumber companies Machine manufacturers
Machine repair companies Masonry companies
Mass media companies Medical corporations
Medical equipment manufactures Metal processing companies
Metal trading companies Mold manufacturers
Motorcycle & bicycle companies Musical instruments companies
Nursing care companies Office supply companies
Oil companies Optical retailers
Packaging companies Painting companies
Paper companies Parking companies
Pharmaceutical companies Pharmaceuticals retail companies
Pharmaceuticals trading companies Pharmacies
Plastic manufacturing companies Plumbing companies
Port operating companies Power equipment manufactures
Precision equipment manufacturers Printing companies
Publishing companies Quarry companies
Real estate companies Recycle stores companies
Rental companies Residential construction companies
Restaurant companies Retailers of daily necessities
Rubber manufacturers Sales agency companies
Sand manufacturers & suppliers School corporations & university corporations
Seafood companies Security companies
Semiconductor companies Shinto shrines
Shipbuilding companies Shipping companies
Sporting goods manufacturers Sporting goods retail companies
Stationery companies Steel producing companies
Supermarkets System development companies
Taxi companies Telecommunications companies
Temporary employment agencies Test & measurement equipment companies
Textile companies Tool manufacturers
Toy companies Transportation companies
Travel agency companies Veterinary hospitals
Video production companies Warehousing companies
Waste management companies Watches retailers
Water supply facilities construction companies Water treatment manufacturers
Web service companies Websites
Wedding companies Welfare equipment rental & sales companies


B2B Company Database

We provide business data to help you make valuable business connections. Our B2B database contains profiles of more than 5 million registered corporations in Japan. Our data is updated periodically and we keep it as accurate as possible.
Our company lists can be used in various ways such as direct mailings, telemarketing, digital marketing, market research, sales campaigns and other business related purposes.

Direct Marketing Mailing List

Our direct marketing lists include company addresses in romanized characters, which are convenient for non-Japanese speakers. You can create effective marketing campaigns by direct mail.

Telephone Marketing & Telemarketing List

Telephone marketing is a form of telemarketing. Our Japanese business database includes 1.5 million phone numbers. You can promote certain products, solutions or services over the phone.

Business Fax Number List

Fax is still an efficient marketing tool in Japan. There are 300,000 fax numbers in our Japanese company database. Using our B2B contact lists with fax numbers, you can advertise your products and services to your customers or potential clients.

CSV Format

As a sample shown below, our lists are delivered in CSV format that is easy for you to sort, search and print data. They can be opened via Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc or other applications.

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